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October 2018

Get ready for some giggles, as this wedding at The Barn on New River Southfork was nothing short of fun! (Really.) If you can’t tell by some of the duo’s facial expressions or their tussle with Erin’s veil (ha!) then you’ll be able to note right off the bat from their questions below. Their nuptials were timeless, beautiful, and perfectly unique. We love how every aspect of Erin and Tanner’s Big Day was truly theirs. There were gorgeous table numbers handmade by the bride’s mother from pieces of scrapbook paper, a ceremony officiated by the couple’s best friendvows that were written together by the bride and groom, fellow comedians, and donuts galore. Flowers by Golden Thistle Design provided a gorgeous atmosphere for family and friends to relax, laugh, and enjoy the night in the new venue and make the most of a truly magical time. Now, let’s get the scoop from Erin. Enjoy these lovely snaps by the folks at Three Region Photography.

High Country Wedding Guide: How did you meet your new hubby? We heard through the grapevine it had something to do with your chosen profession?

Erin: We were both living in New York City pursuing a career in comedy while working at a restaurant when we met, seven years ago. One day, we were working a lunch shift together and I was going to an open house the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (a comedy school and theater here in NYC) was hosting and thought it would be fun if we went together. We’ve been together ever since. We both perform at that theater now, too.

HCWG: Being comedians I bet your proposal was a hoot. Spill.

Erin: I went for a run and I came home and Tanner started to ask me all these questions that I had to say yes to (“Are you going to shower?” “Do you want to eat dinner tonight?” “Do you like pictures of puppies and kitties?”). I asked him, “What are you doing?” and he said, “Warming you up to say yes” and then he asked me in our kitchen. It was very us and very funny. I laughed so hard and smiled so much my face hurt. We were engaged a little less than a year before we got married.

HCWG:  Any funny moments from the wedding that you look back on at laugh at?

Erin: On the Big Day I was doing great. I was feeling really relaxed, very at peace, with maybe some waves of nerves, but overall so happy. Well, it all hit me as I was standing between my Mom and Dad getting ready to go down the aisle and as the barn doors started started to open ever so slightly, I started to ugly cry – we are talking like uncontrollable sobbing. My Mom tried cracking jokes and my Dad kept telling me to be strong but I couldn’t stop. Then I started to freak out because I knew everyone was waiting for me on the other side of the doors so I just started to curse and my mom was shushing me and then Abby our planner said “No, say it!” I dropped the F bomb a few more times and got my stuff together. I have the mouth of a sailor (gotta work on that). I walked out all smiles! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the servers who were standing there patiently holding the doors closed while I cried like a maniac. The things vendors see working weddings!

HCWG: Welp, we can’t blame you. Weddings can be so emotional. Lastly, if you could give your wedding a “theme” what would it be?

Erin: Funny elegance. Hannah and her team at Golden Thistle was the florist and made it look so elegant and then we filled up the venue with lots of laughter. Our best friend married us who is also a comedian and Tanner and I wrote our own vows together. Between the three of us the ceremony was filled with a lot of jokes and laughter but it still felt grounded and very special. It felt so special – it was my favorite part of the day.


Images by Three Region Photography

Planner/Coordinator – 13 Cedar Events 
Venue – The Barn on New River 
Caterer – Roots Catering 
Floral Design – Golden Thistle 
Vintage Rentals – Evermore Event Co 
Linens – Elegant and Classy Events 
Videography – Caravan 
Dessert – Ugga Mugga Bakery 
Donut Favors – Local Lion 
Musicians – The Moon and You 
DJ – Chandler Brewer 
Transport – High Country Tours 
Officiant – Jessica Morgan

Harry and Meghan have nothing on Emily and Kenneth. This wedding was romantic and chic from beginning to end. From the black bridesmaids dresses to the bride’s stunningly subtle gown, to the freakin’ amazing popcorn bar (Oh-em- gee), every detail has us hooked for sure. Brackish bow ties gave a pop of the couple’s personalities to the nuptials, all while keeping the quintessential traditional vibes. The simplicity in this celebration was notable and in fantastic way, leaving the real stars of the show to stand out; the bride and groom, of course. This lovely day was filled with tender embraces, friends, family, and the couple’s precious pooch! We’ll let Emily reveal more.

High Country Wedding Guide: Alright. So, spill on the proposal details.

Emily: Kenneth and I decided to run a half marathon together. As part of our training, we reserved every Friday for our “long run.” Training can be exhausting and monotonous, so each Friday, we tried to pick a new location to run. On this particular Friday, we chose the Old Village in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Kenneth was adamant we start by running on Pitt Street Bridge (my favorite place in Charleston). Although I wanted to end our run on the Bridge, he persisted, and I gave in. About 200 meters in, Kenneth stopped and asked to take a picture of Dolly and me with the incredible Charleston sunset in the background. As only a female would, I declined, and said I’d take his picture instead—after all, I was in running clothes! Little did I know I set him up for the most epic proposal.

As I held up my phone to snap the picture, Kenneth got down on one knee next to Dolly. I assumed he was getting down to be next to her, and snapped the picture. But as I looked closer at the photo, I realized he was holding a ring in his hand. I looked up, and sure enough, I had just captured the beginning of his proposal to me. It’s a moment, and a photo, I will always cherish.

HCWG: Presh! Describe what you were envisioning for the Big Day. Was there a color palette or theme in mind? 

Emily: There were two things that were important to me on my wedding day. The first was that we enjoyed the process, and the second was that we would look back at our photos in 50 years and not regret a single decision. The only way to achieve both was to keep our wedding as simple and as classic as we could. I knew that if I had too many details, it would become overwhelming—and honestly, no one would remember them. I wanted to keep my focus on the things people would remember: venue, food, and music. As far as the bridesmaids dresses…well, can you get any more classic than black? I wanted my sisters, nieces, and best friend to feel great, without breaking the bank. Everyone chose their own dress – even the groomsmen wore their black suit of choice, which most already had hanging in their closet. The florals just added the right touch of romanticism to our overall décor. Fuschia Moss went beyond my wildest dreams and created the most gorgeous arrangements using just greenery and a few florals. I think the use of greenery was more stunning than even a full floral arrangement could offer.

HCWG: Emily, tell us all about the gown shopping experience. How did you know it was “the one?”

Emily: I had actually dreaded the dress shopping experience because I had no clue what I wanted! All I knew was that I wanted simple and classic—but was that lace? Was it strapless? Was it satin or fitted? I had my bridesmaids, maid of honor, mother, and mother-in-law spend a day in Charleston with me, trying on dozens of dresses at three locations. At the second spot, I thought I had actually found a dress that was it—I even considered cancelling my third appointment, but then decided I had nothing to lose. Exhausted, we went to our last appointment of the day at Verita Bridal. The owner, Jessica Kiss, had opened up her own boutique earlier that year after working in the industry her entire career. Jessica knew what she was doing—she closed the store to focus just on us. She chose a dress that was so simple that it was probably often overlooked on the rack. But when I put it on, everyone gasped. When I looked in the mirror, a wave of emotions hit me and I immediately began to cry. The first thing I said was, “This is the dress Kenneth will love.” And that was it for me. I wanted a dress that I felt beautiful in, but that my husband would find me to beautiful in too.

HCWG: That sweet pup!  Did she have a role in the wedding and your relationship?

Emily: Our wedding day wouldn’t have been complete without our sweet Dolly (named after the great Dolly Parton). In fact, I had already made arrangements to get Dolly before I met Kenneth. Just three months into our relationship, she was ready to be picked up, and Kenneth and I went together, and chose her name together. She’s been the single most important person in our life together. She was there when we began dating, she was there when we got engaged, so it was only fitting she was there for our wedding. She walked down the aisle, and truthfully, stole more of the spotlight than the bride!


Venue: Twickenham House

Bride’s Gown: Verita Bridal

Florals: Fuschia Moss

Bow ties and feather bouts: Brackish

Band: Patt McNabb Band

Catering: Earthworks

Photography: Candi Leonard Photography